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Crazy Beautiful Wines Blog

Crazy Beautiful Wines Blog

8 Holiday Gifts for Wine Lovers

Jimmy Gallivan

Wine lovers can be difficult to shop for. If you are planning on buying a gift for your wine snob friend, take a look at the 8 great gifts that are sure to score you big hug or at least a sincere THANK YOU. Enjoy!

Bella Pazza Italian Wines

Double down with these organic wines from Veneto, Italy. The Pinot Grigio is an easy drinking white with fresh citrus notes and pronounced acidity. The Rosso is medium body red expressing a perfect harmony of floral and fruity notes.



Wine Folly: Magnum Edition

From authors Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack, their new edition expands upon the wine knowledge by two fold, compared to their first version. A perfect gift for someone that loves infographics!


Rewined Rose Fragrance Soy Wax Scented Candle

Scented candle made with a recycled wine bottles. Bright aromas of lush red fruit balanced by a sophisticated floral undertone.




Chambong Champagne Shooter

This brilliant device holes 6 oz. of Champagne and is ready to make your casual evening into a celebration! The chambong is an necessary party asset and perfect for a New Year celebration.


Passion Journal - Wine by Moleskine

A great gift either that someone who is just learning about wine or a true wine veteran that loves to track their wine tasting adventures!



hi smile.png

Hi Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

A great gift for that friend or family member that loves to drink red wine and wants to start the new year with a fresh smile!


FNDN Flask Gloves

A perfect gift for a mountain loving friend. If you are not into the full on camel pack, this is a creative alternative that holds 300ml of whatever liquid you choose.




Loca Linda Malbec

Tis the season for sipping by the fire. This Malbec is a perfect gift for that person in your life that loves to cozy up by a warm fire and pop open a bottle of delicious red wine.


Rise Roundup 2018

Jimmy Gallivan

From Left to right: Jimmy Gallivan III, Abby T. Gallivan, Travis Gallivan, Sara T. Gallivan, Jack Gallivan, Jennifer Lee Abraham.

From Left to right: Jimmy Gallivan III, Abby T. Gallivan, Travis Gallivan, Sara T. Gallivan, Jack Gallivan, Jennifer Lee Abraham.


The Ashford Rise School of Dallas provides the highest quality of early childhood education services to children with Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities and to children without disabilities in an inclusive classroom setting with master's level educators and on-staff speech, occupational, physical, and music therapists. 

Crazy Beautiful Wines is a Dallas based family, and a true family business. We are committed to supporting to local initiatives and giving back to the community that raised us. As donors and supporter of the Rise School, we wholehearted support the idea of providing specialized education for truly special individuals. Sponsoring the Ashford Rise School of Dallas this year is just one of many programs Crazy Beautiful Wines is interested in developing for years to come.

The Ashford Rise School:

To get more info about admissions Click Here.

Learn more about Scholarships Click Here.

Or learn more about being a Volunteer.

Special thank you to @patgreen

If you are interested in participating or sponsoring next year please reach out to me and I will put you in contact with the wonderful people at Rise Schools.

Euphoria Greenville Food, Wine and Music Festival

Jimmy Gallivan

Hello, Lovers, Family and Friends!


This is Crazy Beautiful Wines second year as a Platinum sponsor. The weekend could not have been more spectacular in itsโ€™ execution thanks to Executive Director Morgan Allen and her team!

Euphoria is a four day celebration of Food, Wine and Music. Founded in 2006 by platinum-selling singer/songwriter Edwin McCain and restaurateur Carl Sobocinski, euphoria educates, entices, enlightens and entertains.

Proceeds from Euphoria are distributed by Local Boys Do Good, a non-profit organization, through direct grants to charitable organizations โ€“ mostly in upstate South Carolina โ€“ that focus on providing sustenance to those in need (food, hunger, and health), educating (through music, performing arts, or otherwise), or supporting children.

Thirst For A Cause

Jimmy Gallivan

Hello, Lovers, Family and Friends!


We started off our night at O-bar on the top floor of the Ambassador Hotel, witnessing an epic thunder storm characteristic of tornado alley. Sipping cocktails in-between lighting strikes, and taking videos on our smart phones. Everyone was hungry, tired from travel, but wide eyed and attentive to the magnificent display of Mother Nature...

wait for it!! this went on for three hours!!!

Pressing on... was an adventure into a perfectly executed charity event with an excellent balance of professionalism and craziness, which is what we are all about. Check out

Here are some pics:

(click on the right to see more images)

Shout to: Enis @vastokc, Mindy and Andrew @thepritchardokc, Monica @msamuels1212, Darryl and of course Alex @thirstyrebellion and Allie @owlieday @thirstwine