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Crazy Beautiful Wines Blog

Crazy Beautiful Wines Blog

Thirst For A Cause

Jimmy Gallivan

Hello, Lovers, Family and Friends!


We started off our night at O-bar on the top floor of the Ambassador Hotel, witnessing an epic thunder storm characteristic of tornado alley. Sipping cocktails in-between lighting strikes, and taking videos on our smart phones. Everyone was hungry, tired from travel, but wide eyed and attentive to the magnificent display of Mother Nature...

wait for it!! this went on for three hours!!!

Pressing on... was an adventure into a perfectly executed charity event with an excellent balance of professionalism and craziness, which is what we are all about. Check out

Here are some pics:

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Shout to: Enis @vastokc, Mindy and Andrew @thepritchardokc, Monica @msamuels1212, Darryl and of course Alex @thirstyrebellion and Allie @owlieday @thirstwine