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Crazy Beautiful Wines Blog

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Euphoria Greenville Food, Wine and Music Festival

Jimmy Gallivan

Hello, Lovers, Family and Friends!


This is Crazy Beautiful Wines second year as a Platinum sponsor. The weekend could not have been more spectacular in itsโ€™ execution thanks to Executive Director Morgan Allen and her team!

Euphoria is a four day celebration of Food, Wine and Music. Founded in 2006 by platinum-selling singer/songwriter Edwin McCain and restaurateur Carl Sobocinski, euphoria educates, entices, enlightens and entertains.

Proceeds from Euphoria are distributed by Local Boys Do Good, a non-profit organization, through direct grants to charitable organizations โ€“ mostly in upstate South Carolina โ€“ that focus on providing sustenance to those in need (food, hunger, and health), educating (through music, performing arts, or otherwise), or supporting children.