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Do not sleep on San Antonio

Jimmy Gallivan

 photo credit:

photo credit:

Hello, Lovers, Family and Friends!

We just took a quick trip to San Antonio, TX to visit some old friends and to meet some new ones. I must say that I fell in love with San Antonio over the past few days. I have not been in several years, however, what I rediscovered is a town of country culture, sophistication and exceeding hospitality. I was simply blown away! The people here are happy, kind and humble.  They are hard working women and men pursuing opportunities of which this blossoming city of San Antonio has afforded them. Truly one of the best cities in this great country!

With that being said, I want to quickly share some photos from our trip. 

Cheers, Jack Gallivan

Shout-out to: The Alamo, The Rustic, Vans, Gadai Sushi, Our man Jeff, Hotel Havana, Ocho, Huckleberry's, Grape Juice, Elk Store, Down on Grayson and Smoke Shack/PigPen. Bless you all and see you soon!